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What Does The Word 'Officiant' Actually Mean?

For most jurisdictions, the word "officiant" means the catch-all wedding marriage industry word for anyone legally-able to officiate a wedding marriage ceremony. This includes any marriage clergy, any wedding minister, all wedding pastors, officiates, officials, reverends, any civil non-religious ceremony officiant.

How Much is The Officiant Fee?

For a list of our offered services and fees please click here “Wedding Package” or on the link in the menu to the right.

What is the difference between a Religious service and a Civil Service?

A Civil Service only fulfills the legal requirements of the wedding ceremony which are the vows, the rings (if any) the pronouncement of husband and wife and the signing of the license.
A Religious Service includes all of the requirements of the Civil Service but as well adds reference to God and scriptures and contains prayers on the service, the rings and a benediction on the service.

What is a Non-Denominational Service?

A Non-Denominational wedding fulfills the legal requirements of the wedding ceremony without reference to any particular church. The officiant and the couple will decide together as to how much of the service is “Religious” based or “Civil” based, depending on the desires of the couple. We always make the ceremony "Spiritual and Meaningful" without mention of a particular denomination or religion.

When Can I get My Marriage License ?

A Marriage License can be picked up at the Town Hall or Municipal Registry Office within 3 months of the wedding date. It expires after 3 months so it is important not to go in to get the license prior to the 3 month time.

You may also click on the link below and fill out a PDF copy of the application for license online or ask one of our officiants for a blank copy. When you have finished completing the form, you may print it out and take it into the license office in your area to have the clerk complete the marriage license for you. Be sure you do not take it into the license office before that 3 month date prior to your wedding date. (The application, once approved and signed by the license office, expires after 3 months)

Marriage License. pdf

Or you may order the marriage certificate 12 weeks after your wedding date, online at

Do I need to apply for a Marriage Certificate?

At the end of the wedding ceremony, the wedding couple, witnesses and the officiant sign the legal documents. The main form is sent into the Ministry by the officiant, following the ceremony. The officiant will give the couple a “Record of Solemnization of Marriage” certificate. This is not a Marriage Certificate. In order for a couple to complete name changes etc. they must apply online for the Marriage Certificate.

The main form which was completed at the time of the wedding is sent in to the Ministry by the officiant following the wedding. The Ministry will have to have time to receive the document and get the information entered into the computer before the couple is able to apply online for their Marriage Certificate. Please see the bold text below which is taken from the Ministry Web Site.

Click on this link to apply online for the Marriage Certificate.

It is not in the practice of the licensing office in Thunder Bay to issue a receipt or acknowledgment of registering your marriage. To receive your official Marriage Certificate YOU must apply for it 10 - 12 weeks following your wedding.

If YOU do not apply for a Marriage Certificate, YOU will not receive one.

I was married before and divorced. What do I need to re-marry?

In order to re-marry in Ontario, you will need to show proof of a divorce decree issued by the Province of Ontario showing a date of divorce. You will need to show this at the license office when you apply for a license and you will need to give a copy to your officiant for their records.

What happens after the wedding ?

Your Officiant will give you the “Record of Solemnization” from the "Marriage License" following or as a part of the wedding ceremony. This is your portion to keep in a safe place.

Your Officiant will mail the signed and witnessed document portion of the "Marriage License" to the Registrar Generals Office where your information and marriage will be registered. You will not receive notice or any paperwork from the government confirming the registration.

You are required to order and purchase “Certificate of Marriage” if you wish one. It does not automatically get mailed by the Registrar Generals Office to you. Read carefully the information about name change and the “Certificate of Marriage” on the Provincial Government Website.

Please Note that it is not the responsibility of “Joining Hands and Hearts” to purchase your "Marriage License" or order and purchase your "Certificate of Marriage". We will only complete all the paperwork and submit it to the "Ministry" for processing. Presently it is taking 10 - 12 weeks for the Ministry to process the "Certificate of Marriage" once the paperwork has been received.