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Including Your Children

A wedding is all about forming a family.

Perhaps you already have children from a previous relationship or your present one.

Here are some ideas of how to include the children in your ceremony to make it extra special.

* Include children in your proposal or proposal ideas

* Incorporate the children’s names into the wording of the invitations

* During the ceremony, have a separate set of vows for the children

* Have the children be part of the wedding party or walk the bride down the aisle

* Have a special ring or gift to present to them either during or after the ceremony

* Allow them to say a little poem during the speeches

* The children can participate in the lighting of the unity candle or sand ceremony  (if appropriate age)

* We can provide a place for them to sign on a special marriage registry

* We can provide certificates acknowledging the children as an important part of the family being formed that day.

During the Reception

* When entering the reception, introduce the children, if not in the wedding party

* Have the children sit at the head table with the bride and groom

* Make a special toast to the children right after toasting the bride and groom